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Roles and Responsibilities

The Artifact Box Exchange Network is an association of teachers who are interested in using this project to help student learning. The critical elements are an understanding of responsibilities and good communication. The Artifact Box and participants each have responsibilities that are outlined below. The most important step is developing good communication with their partners, discussing what is happening as it happens, and working through concerns.



  • Work with district business office/administration to complete registration and submit by the registration deadline
  • Mail contract confirming participation by the deadline
  • Develop a high quality Artifact Box to ship to partner classroom before the deadline
  • Make contact with partner as soon as matched to confirm all aspects of exchange. Discuss contact information, shipping details, organization/packing of the Box and any individualized requests.
  • Mail their complete Artifact Box on by the deadline
  • Contact partner to confirm receipt of the Artifact Box
  • Contact immediately to discuss any problems as they arise
  • Work through problems with partners to a mutual resolution
  • Contact the Artifact Box Office immediately if you cannot work out resolution to problems
  • Share feedback and evaluation of Artifact Box with partner to help them learn how to improve

Artifact Box Network Office

  • Promote participation in the Artifact Box Exchange...recruit new members through conferences and direct mail
  • Register participants and send confirmation letters
  • Use the returned contracts to double check participation and confirm mailing information
  • Match participants to available partners based on grade level, kind of classroom, experience, and geographic location
  • Mail partner information by the deadline
  • Try to intervene when parterships cannot resolve disputes
  • Work to find new partners when exchanges do not succeed

School Leaders

  • Support your teacher who is doing this project to help students learn
  • Publicize their extra effort to school community and thank them publically
  • Submit information to local media to communicate project to public
  • Encourage your teachers to communicate and use problem solving strategies to work out problems
  • Do not intervene until teachers clearly cannot work out problems ...allow them the control to solve their problems as examples to students
  • When problems arise allow the Artifact Box staff to communicate directly with the teachers to resolve problems


Dispute Resolution Options

  1. As soon as you have a concern, contact your partner and share your concerns.
  2. Work through the concerns with your partner. Try to come up with a mutually agreeable solution.
  3. If the teachers cannot resolve the problem, contact this office ASAP and we will try to resolve the problem
  4. If a problem cannot be resolved, we will find a new partner if possible.

NOTE: Problems are rarely resolved when others intervene (parents, staff, principals, secretaries...even us). The most important step is talking directly with your partner, communicating your concerns in a non-threatening manner, and resolving directly.