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Resources and Ideas

Use local art and sculpture.

The photo on the front page.“Free Money” “Male Tourist” and “Female Tourist” by Tom Otterness in downtown Indianapolis (solved by Leigh and Darrell Stovall, teachers in Birmingham, AL).

Here is how they did it…

So when we saw the statue, I began to do a Google Image search. We went through at least 20 different searches in a 15 minute time period. Our keywords were combinations of: outdoor, statue, installment, sculpture, city street, comic, couple, dancing, and even Marriott. Eventually we came across a similar statue – it was a bronze body with the same round figure on a covered wagon. It was easy after that. We took the artist’s name and then concentrated our Google Images search.

If you are from Indianapolis, you could study the history of these statues.

  • What do they represent about local history?
  • Why were they selected?
  • How is sculpture (and art in general) important in studying local history, geography, immigration patterns, etc.?
  • How else could they have found the answers without Google image search?
  • What local experts could you use to help solve this?
  • How does art connect with history, technology, mathematics, etc.?

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